Fervo’s Approach to Induced Seismicity Management

As the leader in next-generation geothermal, Fervo prioritizes environmental health and safety above all else, including the management of induced seismicity – earthquakes or tremors resulting from human activity – which can result from geothermal development. In this post, we cover Fervo’s approach to seismicity mitigation and management, which follows

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First Insights into Seismic Behavior at Cape Station

Fervo Energy continues to make tremendous strides in developing the United State’s first commercial next-generation geothermal project at Cape Station in Utah, and we have just reached a major milestone – successfully completing the first well stimulation at the project on the Frisco 1-I well.

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August 2023 Cape Station Update

On August 15, 2023, we welcomed members of the Beaver County Commission and Milford City Council to Cape Station to tour our drilling rig, discuss Fervo’s geothermal drilling process step-by-step, and outline our environmental health and safety standards and procedures. We appreciated the enthusiasm and interest from all who attended

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