Our Technology

We have developed a suite of proprietary solutions to increase productivity and lower the cost of 24/7 carbon-free geothermal power generation. We apply proven technologies – such as horizontal drilling, multi-stage stimulation, and distributed fiber optic sensing – to geothermal reservoir development, unlocking geothermal power in previously uneconomic locations and dramatically increasing the geothermal resource potential.

Our Approach

As a developer, owner, and operator of next-generation geothermal assets, we are uniquely positioned to have a lasting positive impact on the communities that host our projects. We hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholder groups, taking a transparent and collaborative approach to engagement to ensure our mission aligns with what our stakeholders value. We understand that each local environment is unique, and we strive to engage early and productively with local communities to establish lasting relationships as we work towards building low-cost energy projects.

Fervo hosted a Town Hall in Milford, Utah on April 25, 2024

Development Timeline

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February 2023

BLM approves Environmental Assessment and issues a Finding of No Significant Impact.

June 2023

Cape Station drilling campaign begins.

September 2023

Groundbreaking ceremony with federal, state, and local officials.

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February 2024

Early results show reduced drilling times that exceed the Department of Energy’s expectations for enhanced geothermal systems.

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April 2024

Fervo partners with Turboden to provide engineering and procurement of power plant equipment.

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Begin delivering around-the-clock, carbon-free energy.