Utah's largest 24/7 carbon-free geothermal project

Cape Station

Fervo Energy is developing Cape Station, a multi-phase geothermal project located in Beaver County, Utah, northeast of Milford.

Drilling at Cape Station began in June 2023. Phase I is expected to be operational by 2026 with subsequent phases expected by 2028.

The Bureau of Land Management approved the project’s Environmental Assessment and issued a Finding of No Significant Impact in February 2023, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act.

Cape Station is located at a uniquely de-risked site given its proximity to existing transmission lines and high-quality sources of geologic data.

Our Technology

We have developed a suite of proprietary solutions to increase productivity and lower the cost of 24/7 carbon-free geothermal power generation. We apply proven technologies – such as horizontal drilling, multi-stage stimulation, and distributed fiber optic sensing – to geothermal reservoir development, unlocking geothermal power in previously uneconomic locations and dramatically increasing the geothermal resource potential.

Geothermal is a Jobs Catalyst

As the U.S. transitions to a carbon-free economy, the clean energy sector will see continued job growth. Geothermal offers an unprecedented opportunity for fossil fuel workers to transition into the clean energy space and for local workers to participate and gain new skills.

Though there are operational similarities between oil and gas and geothermal development, geothermal energy offers steady employment, a departure from the boom and bust cycle of oil and gas.

Cape Station Jobs & Economic Impact


Geothermal energy provides significant opportunities for general employment for local workers and for workforce transition from the oil and gas sector. The first two phases of Cape Station are expected to create approximately 6,602 temporary jobs during construction and 161 full-time operational jobs, resulting in more than $437 million in earned wages. Fervo is committed to sourcing jobs from the local labor pool when possible.

Local Investment

The project will generate substantial economic impact, reflected in the total value of goods and services utilized in the project. According to the same National Renewable Energy Laboratory model used to calculate jobs generated, supply chain and local businesses would realize roughly $1.1 billion during construction and operational phases of the project.

Project Location

Cape Station is located in Beaver County, Utah, approximately 12 miles northeast of Milford.

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Our Approach

As a developer, owner, and operator of next-generation geothermal assets, we are uniquely positioned to have a lasting positive impact on the communities that host our projects. We hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholder groups, taking a transparent and collaborative approach to engagement to ensure our mission aligns with what our stakeholders value. We understand that each local environment is unique, and we strive to engage early and productively with local communities to establish lasting relationships as we work towards building low-cost energy projects.

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