The world’s largest next-generation geothermal project

Located in Southwest Utah

At 400 MW, Cape Station is ushering in a new era for enhanced geothermal energy.

Fervo Energy is developing the multi-phase Cape Station geothermal development located in Beaver County, Utah, northeast of Milford. Phase I of the project will begin delivering around-the-clock, clean power to the grid in 2026.

Bringing Jobs & Economic Benefits to Southwest Utah

Commitment to Local Hiring

Fervo is focused on fostering local job creation throughout all phases of our project’s development. In addition to hiring local individuals for operational and HSE roles on-site, Fervo strives to contract local and Utah-based vendors for services across our supply chain. As enhanced geothermal development grows across southwest Utah, we also want to ensure that locals have accessible pathways to enter the industry.

Development Location

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Cape Station is located in Beaver County, Utah, approximately 12 miles northeast of Milford.

This location is a uniquely de-risked site given its proximity to existing transmission lines and high-quality sources of geologic data.

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